A Giver or a Beggar

 In order to achieve the goal of building-up a team, from the very start of our activity, we need to  invite people into our business.  We then present to them the business opportunity and if everything goes well,  make them part of our team.
I’ve often noticed that the new entrepreneurs feel «stressed » because people whom they invite do not come to the presentation, or are not interested in their business, or even don’t fancy the products.
These newly made entrepreneurs often have quite a short name list that they quickly expire and they ask themselves, what next? Is my success determined by the number of people I know ? Is this business really made for me or it is only made for the others?

The results of your invitations, personal meetings and development of your business are very dependant on your inner vision of  yourself and of what your business really represents.

What is your position? That of a giver or a beggar?
When we give, we feel strong. Because we are not expecting anything in return. And even if this act does not give any feedback, nothing changes for us. When we give, we “know” that nothing bad may come out of it. Offering something comes up very spontaneously, naturally, without any kind of calculation. Only good things may come out of it. Giving does not oblige you to anything, it represents a risk in very few situations (In love, for example). Even if the person refuses your gift, you don’t lose anything. Therefore, there should be no fear.  Consequently, the results brought up by these actions are absolutely not comparable to the ones that are being guided by fear.

When we ask, we feel “on a mercy” of someone. The fact of asking for something  engenders an «emptiness » within us. Asking is often associated with waiting for an answer. A positive answer, apparently. (When we ask, it is long, when we give, it is short), and your invitation must be short. Attention, we can and we MUST  ask for things that we want to achieve in life, there should be no complexes or fears about it. Those who do not ask, do not receive anything. This being said, when you ask, there should never be an attachment to the result, because this attachment creates fear and suffering.

Right here we are not really talking about the fact of asking or giving, but rather about your inner  POSITION  as the one who asks or the one who gives.
And the attitude to adapt as soon as possible while creating your own business and your team, is the one of a giver.
However, if you want to develop a network, a dream team, an environment, you need people to come to you. Thus, our first natural “position” at the very start of our business is the one of a BEGGAR. This is a paradox that makes it difficult for new distributors to understand how they can have this attitude: “ I am a giver since I don’t need anyone else”.

The answer to this question has several aspects.

1/ You need to be determined in your decision to succeed no matter what and no matter how much times it takes!!
Change your attitude to how you spend your time, make a decision to master a new profession, start transforming your brain into that of a successful person,  step on the path of  success, but also the one of unknown.  All this calls for making  a real choice, since only a true commitment will generate the expected results in this field.
Be careful with the  affirmation « no matter how much time it takes !! ». It is still important to put yourself into a state of « emergency » in order to have the necessary pressure  for launching yourself  into action and following this dynamics.

2/ Understand an almost infinite potential of this profession
It is impossible to know in advance who are those people who are going to be part of your team! And even if you already have a certain name list, it is almost sure that if you could see your personal team 2 years from now, you won’t recognize most of these faces!
In the coming days, weeks, months and years you are going to meet thousands of new people. My today’s network is an indirect result of the first name list I made in 1991. From  person to person, from city to city, from country to country - there is an invisible, but logical link and I am the only one who knows its chronology.  I also know that if, at a certain point , I had decided to quit this profession, like I’ve seen thousands of other people do,  this thread would have been broken and everything I had created wouldn’t be there now.
A great number of people who are now part of our network were not even born or haven’t taken a decision to become a network entrepreneur at the time when I was starting my business.
Choosing a company like Colors Of Life, means « condemning » yourself for the years to come to be travelling around the whole world and opening a great number of new countries, discovering new cultures, really understanding the sense of what is giving without expecting anything in return from those people whom you bring into business there! This also means waking up in the best hotels and checking through your virtual office how much money you made overnight in these far-away countries.
So does this really matter that your brother-in-law, your neighbor, your sister or someone else does not accept your invitation and doesn’t see the potential of this business ? Apparenly, not:). Who is the one to lose in this case? Him or you? This may appear strange or naive, but refusals prove that  your success is possible. If everyone accepted your business, the verry concept of Network marketing would not work out. The planet would have been  saturated in a few weeks.

3/ Having a conviction of your own success.
Of course, sometimes it takes time. But one thing is certain, this conviction will be growing as your knowledge of the Network industry is expanding, as you learn the rules of success, as you read permanently, participate in trainings and learn more about yourself. Your first success and your permanent  contact with your coach and leaders will certainly contribute to that too.
The fact that you have decided to succeed no matter what – this is in itself a great source of conviction.

4/ Your launching may only be successful.
The profound understanding of the process you launched is important.
Many people perceive their past experience as something negative. The invitations that didn’t work out,  meeting that do not give any result, people who do not join their business, or even worse, are criticizing it etc...
And this kind of thing happens not only to those who are destined NOT TO be successful!
I don’t know a leader, an entrepreneur who hasn’t lived through this stage! This process is absolutely normal for 100% of people. This does not condition their success in ANY way.
People who do not join our business at all do not prevent us from achieving success – it is those who come for wrong reasons who do !But this is another topic.

After adopting these convictions, you should get a better understanding of what the attitude of Giver is, learn to invite people and do your meetings in a more relaxed manner, and therefore, get better results.