Consciously or unconsciously, children are trying to imitate their parents, and from generation to generation, the world is spinning and evolving in this way. However, the world would spin infinitely faster if every generation took the best from the previous ones. When this duplication is made in a conscious and responsible manner, having weighed all its positive and negative effects, it brings up evolution. However, the experience of previous generations is often reproduced unconsciously, that is why people are making the same mistakes again and again. In fact, the more you let go the events, without wanting to take responsibility for them, the more unpleasant consequences you face.
Network Marketing is no exception to this rule. Moreover, the success here is very dependant on this phenomenon of DUPLICATION.

The very principle of teaching people in the Network Marketing consists in sharing the knowledge tested in practice.
The comprehension comes AFTER the experimenting. This being said, most people would want to understand things before trying them.

One of the keys to achieve success more promptly, is not to resist the advice and to reproduce the EXAMPLE of the experimented leaders. 

This phenomenon of duplication is fundamental for a powerful and long-term development of the network.  And the less we resist, the better it works and the stronger our network develops.

Which  things do you resist? Here is a short phrase which you need to remember all the time : Everything that is simple can be REPRODUCED.

The more you are going to complicate things, the more the process of your growth will slow down. Difficult tasks can only be reproduced by a large number of people with a great effort.

A network constuctor should stay accessible to the mass.  Take actions that can be reproduced by everyone.

Example 1 : If you organize a  home presentation in a luxurious building, in a 150 m2 living room, serve your guests to champagne and caviar and invite Angelina Jolie as a hostess of the ceremony, of course, people will be impressed.  But how does it show them the business which they could easily reproduce themselves? On the contrary, they are going to say that they had a great evening, but this   business is not for them as they don’t have this kind of money!

You should organize things simply to make them accessible to everyone. If each of your guests says  « I can do even better », it worked !

This is true not only for home presentations, but also for all the other aspects of our business.

Example 2. Often, new distributors feel like they need to create some pirate documentation. By pirate, I mean the one not controlled by the company.
It can me printed on a luxurious glaze paper, contain  accurate information and correspond to the image of a very serious company.
What is going to happen next? It will be further reproduced, but in a degrading way, to the point that by the time it reaches the market, this documentation will be savage not only by its name, but also in appearance ! A very low quality paper, black and white copies etc...
And this is not the worst – the worst is when the printed information  exagerates , transforms the original or is just plain false. This ruins the image of the network and the company.
In a word, the best of intentions lead to most negative consequences.

What shall you do then?
NOTHING! Just relax and develop your business  on the basis of documents proposed by the company.

Example 3. While speaking from the podium or making your personal meetings, you may dress in Gianni Versace, a  Ferret shirt and shoes from Zilli and just be super classy. We can thus be wearing  clothes worth 8000 Euros or more. This is more expensive than just a costume, but this will only be reproduced in a worse way and  very badly.
We are working within the communication industry and we have a « uniform » that will do fine on any occasion.  A white shirt and a costume, the brand doesn’t matter, will always be a white shirt and a costume. A tie any color will give you more credibility. This is still traditional for our culture, and if you want to touch a great number of people, this also counts.
Long hair, beard, jeans –all this does not prevent you from being successful . Thus, Richard  Branson, creator of Virgin Atlantic, managed to create an empire holding to his casual style.
But there is only one Richard Branson  while in your profession of a network constructor you  need to multiply the number of successful people. And you thus need to offer a model easy to reproduce by the mass.

And finally.
The best education is by showing an example !

People are mostly reproducing what they see – not what they hear during the trainings.
Therefore, if you want to develop a large network, just do things that you want for the others to do.