Health, Longevity

 Success without health is useless. Staying in good health requires a constant work on yourself. And the earlier one understands this, the later will he "suffer" from the effects of time. Or maybe he never will, since nowadays we face quite a few surprises in this – just read some articles on longevity or the latest book by Ray Kurzweil "Transcend".

From time to time I select some articles that may really
 contribute to your knowledge in this matter and help you stay healthy.

 By 2010, there is so much information, that it is our obligation to be updated on the latest discoveries. And just know that your doctors, if they do not follow these latest trends, treat you with medicine that dates back to 10, 20 years ago. While nowadays, the discoveries are made every day that are changing profoundly the way we should be treated and nourished.  Do not limit yourself to these few articles, but browse occasionally some sites specialized in wellness and longevity.

And mostly, PUT IT IN ACTION! Information without  Act  gives  nothing!