For a number of years, certain topics have been brought up regularly during the questions/answers' sessions. The ones that I would call those of public interest.


Ask an artist, a teacher, a doctor, a businessman or any other specialist why they are doing what they are doing. The answer will be: because I like it!! And this is a key explanation to all. Everyone must find and live his passion. Doing it as early as possible in life is a luck that is certainly a consequence of an inner search.

The common answers everywhere in the world regarding the Networker profession are the same:  freedom, perspectives, recognition, personal development, friends…..

The true leaders who’ve known the success that makes a mass of people dream, would also add that it is growth, excitement and pleasure to see their people change their life quality and see their eyes shining…

This profession helps you investigate yourself, overcome your barriers, complexes and stereotypes. This is a field for personal development which is being achieved thanks to reading, participation in seminars, travelling, teamwork.

We are in the very midst of a crisis !! This word «crisis» is without any doubt a synonym of « growth » in the world of Network. This is really the right timing. People who are losing their jobs will naturally turn to network marketing. The research of a specialized edition (20 years on the market) has proven that the network companies have only been growing during the different economic crisis since the Great Depression times. The same trend to growth and expansion is being predicted for the coming years 2009 – 2010.


Why not all people who go to the universities succeed in receiving their diplomas? Why not all people who go to a sport clubs make it to the Olympics games? Why not all people become successful top managers? Etc.……

Here, we accept 100% of people, no diplomas or information about their past achievements is required. There are plenty of those who stop, who are not ready to give the maximum in order to receive the maximum. You should never lose heart. During my first 3 years in this industry I was making just a few hundreds of dollars. But everything changed when I understood and put in practice the laws of creating success. 3-5 years are needed to become a top leader in this industry. Just as much or more is needed to become a doctor, or an engineer, or a high professional in any other field. However, if we compare their income and level of  «security» with that of a qualified network constructor – then my choice is clear and I’ve never put it under question over the last 19 years.

I also trust that there are many companies and leaders who just like myself, out of passion, are working on improving the educational methods in this field so that a larger number of people accedes to success.


This is THE key question that has thousands of answers to it. YOU need take an ACTIVE participation in search of these answers. YOUR own answers.

You must take RESPONSIBILITY for your life, for EVERYTHING that happens to you and for what you do.

We organize very modern and very intensive seminars in order to help people find their clues and answers to this question.

Anyway, here are some general answers that immediately come to my mind :

Before anything else, you must have a desire to win, a desire to live an intensive life, a desire to learn and share. The vision, the passion come a little bit later.

You must learn back again the process of learning, and no matter what you did in the past, what your title was or what recognition you had – put yourself in a student position, listening to the advice of your coach, a person who already has an experience in this field, who has overcome some of his barriers and continues to do so. During the first few weeks he needs to do a 100% follow-up of your work, watch for your errors, do all the personal meetings together with you. We do not win the Olympic games without a trainer!

The success is the consequence of your work on your own self. This work integrates the respect of your body and its health. Doing sports and regular exercises are indispensable for a good physical and mental health which is needed to achieve a high level of success. The recommendations of Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman  in the field of health and longevity seem to me the most up-to-date information available.

Your mental health is a garden that needs a constant cultivation. If you do nothing in your garden, the weeds will grow there, if you sow the seeds – you will see the rise of what you’ve sown. If you nourish your brain with a sterile talk and TV, what do you reap in the end ?? And quite the opposite, if you nourish it with reading the books on personal development, with trainings and seminars on a permanent basis, you will receive whatever is the most dear to your heart.

Urgent things must become a priority to you over the important ones. Don’t look at the price of things before having weighed their value and potential.


The first very important step is mental. Especially, if you have never worked for yourself. Here, you become a top manager of an enterprise, YOUR OWN enterprise.  And you have all the positive or negative consequences that go with it. But this is a choice. And this choice must be made in all its entirety. A manager of an enterprise with an attitude of an employee will lose his business. 

In no case should the person whom I bring to my network «feel» like he is working on my enterprise. This is his own business. He doesn’t start working for me, but for himself. And our mutual responsibility should be something as follows: I am committing myself to drawing all my experience and giving you useful advice for your growth and success, investing the maximum  of my free on your education and construction of your network. On your part, you are committing yourself to doing your best effort for putting my advice in practice, investing the maximum of your time for your network construction, taking an active part in your own education. Both parties need to show mutual respect and honesty.

This is a moral contract that must be understood by the person whom I signed-up. If we do not have it, I know that I won’t be able to help him. 

Once all these aspects are settled, you need to pass to action. I’ve seen people cross their lives just preparing for an action. Waiting to be ready for I don’t know what, and this is sometimes accompanied by the deepest misery. Act now !!

Making your list of names is the first action of a network builder – you may be giving explanations and details to him, but if he has already received a good vision of this new activity he will naturally make a great list of people he knows. (a small list of 10 to 15 people is quite indicative of his restrained comprehension of the potential available). And this must be corrected shortlyJ

Planning an immediate personal presentation with a coach (sponsor). (Being myself a Coach and seeing my new partner reluctant to fix this second appointment, I will also detect a problem there and try to understand its origin).

Investing in your own education is vital from the very start. Books, CD, trainings, seminars, presentations, big and small events, both abroad or local, meeting your sponsors and leaders as often as possible – all of it is good and must be consumed without any restraint.

Being regular in your actions and investing yourself 100%. Abrupt or just punctual actions won’t give you a result, on the contrary, they will make you lose your money and time, as well as time of your  sponsors. If I gave you an assurance, a guarantee that you’d achieve a great success in two years if you invest yourself in your activity 100% - apparently, you would have plunged yourself  immediately 100%, wouldn’t you? The only thing is though, unfortunately, our unique guarantee in this life is that we will all disappear one day. What we also know for sure is that no leader, or top manager, or a top athlete has never achieved the best with only investing himself part-time. The same may be said about love- the success in couple can only be achieved with the entire participation of both partners. This is a law of success, we’ve seen a number of people trying to invent other laws. But they only managed to prove that this law of commitment is unique and universal. And it is still more evident in this business where example is a vital factor of success.  

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"It's only with the heart that one sees clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye". The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.