Reading books on Network or on personal development is an essential condition for success. You absolutely need to read every day, and the best moment for it is before going to sleep.

Below is a list of a few books that started coming across my way since I was 16. These books are the ones that I remember the best and that are useful for those in quest of success. Of course, there are thousands of other books and I am inviting you to always keep an eye on new publications as they may come at a most suitable moment in your life. My commentary is in parenthesis. I love all these books, but I am putting **** next to the ones that in my mind are the most urgent to be read by people who are on their way to network construction.

Charles F. Haanel (Personal development)
Master Key System (A book written a hundred years ago that has probably inspired many other authors below)

Dan Millman
Peaceful warrior (the film is also to be seen)
Sacred Journey of a peaceful warrior
Athlete inside

Zig Ziglar (Personal development, success, motivation)
See you at the top**** (an excellent book to start one’s path to success)
Jump over your head

Eckhart Tolle (Personal development, philosophy, spirituality)
The Power of now (this book has always been a powerful guide to me)

Paulo Coelho (Personal development, inspiration)
Devil and Miss Prim
The Alchemist
The Pilgrimage
Love letters from a prophet
Veronica decides to die
By the river Piedra I set down and wept 
The Fifth mountain
The Manual of the warrior of light (if I had to choose just one, I’d have chose this one)

Carlos Castaneda (mysterious reseach) (these books lighed up my adolescence, they alimented my thirst of mysterious and opened a way to a spritual reseach that was never interrumpted ever since.)
Journey to Ixtlan
The Eagle's gift
Tales of power
The Second Ring of Power


Og Mandino (Personal development, motivation)
The greatest salesman in the world**** (Indispensable)
The greatest success in the world
The greatest miracle in the world
The return of the Ragpicker    
Mission success !
The Choice

Dale Carnegy  (Personal development, communication)
How to win firends ****(this book was part of my starter kit in my first company, absolutely indispensable for reading)
How to stop worrying and to start living
Language of persuasion
Language of success

James Redfield (Personal development, mystery)
The Celestine prophecy (it gives a good clue to understanding how sometimes other people are using us, voluntarily or not)
The tenth insight (A deeper continuation of the first book)

Deepak Chopra (Personal development, spirituality)
7 spiritual laws of success : a pocketbook guide to fulfilling your dreams.
The way of the Wizard : 20 spiritual lessons for creating the life you want.

Richard Bach (Personal development, Inspiration)
(1966) Beeplan
(1969) Nothing happens by chance
(1970) Jonathan Livingstone seagull (to live and assume your differences, not to stick to norms)
(1974) A Gift of Wings
(1976) There is no such place as faraway
(1977) Illusions
(1984) The bridge across forever
(1988) One
(1994) Running from safety

Hermann Hesse (Personal development, inspiration)
Siddhartha  (History of Krishna, when I was 16, this book gave me a lot)
The glass bead game (these last two books are for the passionate readers, but they do not present a great interest in terms of success)

Napoleon Hill (Personal development, motivation, inspiration)
Think and grow rich**** (also perfect for making a start)
Napoleon Hill’s positive action plan
The law of success

Mark Fisher
Millionaire’s secrets

Antony (Tom) Robbins (Personal development, motivation)
Awaken the Giant within
Unlimited power

Richard Po (Network Marketing)
Fourth wave of Network Marketing in the XXI century

Walsh Donald Nil (Personal development, inspiration)
Conversations with God (in 3 volumes) (a very great book that gives clues as to how live better through the different stages of life)

Jim Rohn (Personal development, inspiration and motivation)
(Jim Rohn is the trainer and inspirer of the Herbalife network)
Seasons of life
7 strategies for wealth and happiness
5 major pieces to the life puzzle
Philosophy of life

John Kalench (Personal development, Network Marketing)
17 secrets of the Master Prospectors
Being the best you can be in MLM
The greatest opportunity in the history of the world

Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter (Personal development, finance, attitude to money, motivation)
Rich dad poor dad ****(Indispensable)
The quadrant of cash flow**** (Indispensable)
Rid kid poor kid
Rich dad’s guide to investing
Cashflow is a fantastic game! You can (and should) play it with your key teams.

Don Failla (I haven’t read this one, but I often heard of it as a good one for a start)
The 45-second presentation that will change your life ( 10 napkin presentation)

Georges S. Clason (Personal development, success)
The richest man in Babilon

Stephen R. Covey (Personal development, success)
The leader in me

Norman Vincent Peale (Personal development, inspiration)
The power of positive thinking

Ray Kurzweil
Singularity is near (Humanity 2.0) (This book is going to enlarge your vision of the future)

Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman (Personal development, health, vision)
Fantastique voyage**** (this book gave me the greatest vision and the greatest motivation to take care of my health)
Transcend**** (This book is dedicated to all those who want to live long and in good health. It ABSOLUTELY needs to be read. In sale in USA from April 2009)

I am putting 4 stars for these two books particularly for those people who are in my network as I want them to get penetrated by this vision.

For fun and relaxion, I am a fan of Tolkien and the 3 volumes of Lord of rings (books and films)

Inspirational and motivational films :

The Secret (Rhonda Byrne)
The Peaceful warrior (Dan Millman)
The Celestine prophecies (not as good as the book though)

New film of Ray Kurzweil presented at Tribeca Film Festival in New York

To be continued...