Hello! Welcome to my site,

Being accessible to general public, this site is mostly dedicated to all those people who make part of my network.  It has both informative as well as educational purposes.

Eventually, I will be placing here all the information that can help anyone acquire more professionalism in this business of a network creator.

This site is a part of myself, my history, my values, my vision.

I am open to all suggestions and feedback , whether positive or negative.

Good luck! Eric Clerc

" The greater  the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it".  Jean-Baptiste Moliere

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Colors of Life

I've long dreamt of a special place. A place that wouldn't be like any other. A place that could welcome thousands of people looking for something more in their lives.

For a number of years, certain topics have been brought up regularly during the questions/answers' sessions. The ones that I would call those of public interest.